Analytic connections

Create a new analytic connection

Configure an analytic connection in QMC, or use the QRS API.

Creating an analytic connection

Analytic connection: Create

Build a plugin

Build a server-side extension (SSE) plugin using our open source repository to expose external functionality to Qlik Sense.

SSE protocol repository

Use external calculations in Qlik Sense

Analytic Connections allow you to leverage the power of external calculation engines, such as Python, R and many other languages, in Qlik Sense. When you use an analytic connection (SSE plugin), Qlik Sense sends the data (associated with the current selections) to the SSE plugin. The SSE plugin does the calculation of the expression, and passes the result back to Qlik Sense.

You can use externally calculated expressions in:

  • data load scripts
  • chart expressions