Interacting with visualizations

You make discoveries in your data when you interact with the visualizations. You can go into detail in your data and gain new insights as you filter out data for certain areas. The most common way to narrow down the data is by making selections, either in filter panes or directly in the visualizations.

Exploring with selections

You can explore by making selections in visualizations, further aided by the selections bar.

Using smart search

With smart search you search the entire data set in your app from any sheet. Smart search consists of a visual search, which returns results from visualizations, and a data search, which returns results for any data item.

Bookmarking selections

You can use bookmarks to save selection states you often have. This makes them easier to revisit.

Troubleshooting - Discover

Solve common problems that can occur when discovering and analyzing with Qlik Sense.

Create a visualization

You can do some exploratory analysis by creating your own visualizations, or by reusing master visualizations.