Google BigQuery

The Qlik Google BigQuery Connector enables QlikView to efficiently load data into a QlikView application from a Google BigQuery dataset.

The Google BigQuery Connector includes the following significant features that enhance its performance and functionality:

  • Nested record support: The Nested (Record) data type is now supported in queries.
  • Persistent destination tables: The connector now allows for specification of persistent destination tables instead of temporary tables for storing datasets.

  • Connection fault protection: Provides settings to control handling of connection failures and interruptions.

  • Query cached results: It is now possible to query an existing cache rather than repeating a query to repopulate a temporary table.

  • Google BigQuery integer type and 64-bit integers are now supported.

The Qlik Google BigQuery Connector is obtained from Log on with a registered customer or partner account and select Support. On the Qlik Support page, select Customer Downloads and then select the Connector tab.